Who Wants to be a MoneyMaster


The most common way of learning about finance is to read-up on it. Unfortunately, financial
literature can hardly be termed ‘easy reading’, especially for beginners to the subject. 


To help you get up to speed on your financial knowledge, we have created a fun-filled 6-
episodes educational mini-series called “Who Wants To Be A Money Master”.


This brand new, one of its kind Financial Literacy miniseries is packed with humour and
competitions, testing contestants’ knowledge on banking services, online bankings, good vs
bad debt, time value of money, investments and how to avoid being scammed. Catch our
talented host Nazirudin Rahman switch characters, grilling our contestant in the hot seat. 


Tune in our Instagram account starting 25 April 2021 and answer simple questions at the end
of each episode to stand a chance of winning attractive prizes, while stock lasts. 


Follow us on IG: @rhbfoundation and catch all these fresh episodes. You can even save these
on your mobile devices and share them with your family and friends.


Getting smart with your money shouldn't be a challenge, but being a Money Master surely is!


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Who Wants to be a MoneyMaster
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Who Wants to be a MoneyMaster
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